What Do Tax Attorneys Do?

A[dcl=6975] is actively involved in tax litigation. These professionals in the legal field can help you in many ways regarding your IRS tax issues. Here are some of the things that tax attorneys do to help individuals and entities that are subject to IRS tax.

Tax audits: If the IRS is pursuing a tax audit to ascertain if you paid your taxes correctly,you might need a tax lawyer to deal with it. Whether it is a correspondence audit,field auditor office audit,a tax attorney will collect all the information and represent you.

Tax appeals: Sometimes,your objection to a tax audit report may be rejected by the IRS,requiring you to appeal. Your attorney will help you understand your appeal rights,what matters you can appeal and what to expect in your tax appeal.

Tax collection: Individuals and taxable organizations are expected to pay a variety of local,state,and federal taxes such as income tax,payroll tax,sales tax,excise tax,fuel tax,and alcohol tax. In this case,a[dcl=6975] can help you understand which taxes you are expected to collect or submit to the respective authorities. The attorney will also navigate you through the collection process.

Tax penalties: The IRS will impose tax penalties for failure to file returns,failure to pay taxes,negligence,disregard of the provisions of tax law,and many others. A tax attorney will help you avoid such ways the IRS and other agencies impose penalties.

A tax litigation attorney provides representation in a variety of courts such the Bankruptcy Court,District Court,and the Court of Federal Claims. If you are a tax professional,a tax lawyer can also represent you deal with IRS enforcement proceedings,including injunction actions or tax violations.

If you have any of the above issues that are taking your peace away,you can call a[dcl=6975] for help.

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