How To Create A Blog And Use It To Build An Email List

When you create your blog,there are many ways that you can monetize it and one of them is through creating an email list. An email list is important because of a variety of reasons.

The first reason is because it allows you to target your audience. You will be able to alert your customers of any new merchandize or content that your blog has through their emails. This typically results in some sort of action on the part of your loyal customers,also read

In addition,email lists are more personal and tend to give marketing tactics a more personal feel. This is unlike social media marketing which generally targets a bigger audience and this gives the marketing strategy a more generic feel. So how exactly do you create massive email lists with your blog?

Create a newsletter sign up

Although there are many ways of creating an email list,there are some strategies that seem to be more effective than others.

The main strategy,however,that seems to work for most blogs is creating newsletters that readers can sign up to. One way of doing this is by creating a call to action. For instance,you can add a section that states,”if you enjoyed this post,subscribe to our newsletter and receive weekly updates.”

A form should be included immediately after the post where readers can input their email address. When a user fills out the form,they will be automatically signed up and you on the other hand will have a new contact to your list. This will consequently improve your marketing strategy because you will be marketing to individuals that you know are interested in your product.

Offer free products

This is an effective strategy since most people rarely pass up an opportunity to get free stuff. You could offer free products such as a free eBook,a free app,a coupon,etc. Ensure that you ask them to validate their email address first in order for them to receive the product. Alternatively,you could have some sort of competition where people can participate and whoever wins,will get a free gift. The only condition that they have to fulfill is to sign up using a valid email address. This way,you will generate traffic to your website as well as build email lists.

Create an “About Me” page

An “About Me” page is exactly what it is; a page about you the author. If you are able to create this page to captivate your audience,then they might certainly want to get updates and any new merchandise that you have to offer.You can make this page more interesting and unique by making an introductory video or adding your own photo.

This will make people feel like there is a real person behind the blog posts and will tend to trust you more.

Ensure that you also include on this page a link or a form where your readers can subscribe to updates, blog post


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