How Many Car Accidents Are There in the US Every Year

Every year,car accidents kill more Americans than any other accident. In 2016,around 37,400 Americans died on the roads. That is an average of around 100 Americans each day.

There were over 5,000,000 car accidents in the US in 2010 alone. Of these crashes,around 30,000 had serious fatalities resulting to over 2,000,000 injuries and 32,000 deaths,as noted by personal injury lawyer .

Children Deaths Every Year

Children are also victims of automobile accidents. Every year,about 2,000 American children under the age of 16 years usually die from car crashes. Children are the future of America. Thus,if they die in accidents that negatively affects the future.

Global Yearly Statistics

Global yearly statistics of car accidents are even more shocking. An estimate of 3 million people die every year all over the world because of car accidents.

Vehicle accidents badly affect developing countries. Most of these countries do not have the capacity to deal with accidents. As a result,many lives are lost. In addition,accidents have a huge economic cost on developing nations. Most of these countries depend on foreign aid.

Car Accidents by American States

The number and type of vehicle accidents vary by state. Some states have a higher number of accidents because of the population. Fatality rate per capita is the best way to determine car accident deaths relative to the amount of driving and the population. Other factors that affect rates include weather,topography,the level of emergency response,state of tariff laws,the nature of licensing,and travel speeds.

The most dangerous states for car crashes are West Virginia,New Mexico,Arkansas,Alabama,Mississippi,South Carolina,Montana,and Wyoming. In addition,car accident statistics in Spokane,Washington are also shocking.

The Bottom Line

Automobile accidents are preventable. The number one cause of accidents is human error. If Americans are more careful when driving,there will be fewer accidents. In the meantime, will be in demand.

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