Explaining the Personal Injury Claim Process

Injuries resulting from a person’s negligence happen every day,and owing to their unpredictability,it’s best to know how to go about a personal injury claim process. For you to get awarded with fair compensation or agree on a satisfactory settlement with an insurance company,you ought to follow the right procedures. Here are the predictable steps to follow when claiming compensation.

1. Seeking Medical Services

You ought to seek medical services when you suffer injuries from an accident. Seeking treatment for your injuries not only benefits your health but is also an important consideration when determining your case. Otherwise,the jury and the insurance adjuster will assume that you were not hurt.

2. Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

The chances of receiving fair compensation when settling a claim by yourself are very minimal,and that’s why you should involve a reputedpersonal injury compensation immediately the accident happens. The legal expert will want to know everything about the accident and your treatment. He or she will collect evidence,witnesses,and necessary documents to support your claim besides negotiating with insurance on your behalf and representing you in court.

3. Sending A Demand Letter And Negotiations

Your attorney will first consider settling the claim outside the court by sending a demand letter to the other side’s attorney or insurance company. A reasonableattorney will make the demands when you reach the MMI (maximum medical improvement) point. The professional will also negotiate the settlement with the insurance company on your behalf.

4. Filing a lawsuit

If your attorney and the insurance fail to agree on a settlement,it’s time to file a lawsuit. An experienced expert will file the lawsuit until the MMI point,which may take you months or years to reach,but it’s worth the wait. Your attorney will also consider your state’s statute of limitations to avoid missing deadlines.

5. Discovery And Negotiation

During the discovery process,the lawyers use various techniques to investigate the adversary’s legal claims and defenses. The process takes about 6-12 months after which negotiation or mediation follows. The lawyers can settle the case by themselves or involve a mediator.

6. Trial

A trial is scheduled when negotiation and mediation fail to work. Personal injury trials may last a day,a week,or even months. Don’t panic when the hearing gets rescheduled; sometimes,it depends on the judge’s schedule.
If you are looking to win a satisfactory compensation from a personal injury claim,you ought to follow the right procedures. You will need the intervention of an experienced attorney in most of the steps discussed above.

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